Everything You Need to Run A Bid Sale Auction

Now Dealers Can Own the Auction with Zero Sellers Fees

Silent Bid = Higher Profit | No Sell Fee = Lower Expense | Higher Trade Values = Increase in Market Share

What Franchise Dealers are Saying About Bid Sale Auctions

"We had a million dollar improvement in wholesale profit after we started our own auction "- John S from NY

"For years we lost money on wholesale. Starting a bid sale changed that, "- Mark from CO

"Our Bid Sale Auction outperforms every other wholesale venue. In my opinion, it's the only way to go"- Pate F from PA

"My auction with Auction Simplified outperforms the big box auctions by a wide margin."- Peter L from CT

What is a Bid Sale Auction?

Dealers offer their wholesale inventory for sale to independent used car dealers in a sealed bid auction. Eliminating 3rd party auction expenses while increasing per vehicle wholesale profit.

TOP DOLLAR: Sealed bid, by design, requires the bidders to put their highest bid in the 1st time. As a result, the profits are usually higher for the dealer, and the buyer gets the car they want. Win - Win.

NO ONE LEFT BEHIND: An online sealed bid with an in-person inspection allows all types of buyers participate; tech-savvy buyers and old school buyers. More bidders = higher profits

EASY TO START: With a bid sale event the buyers place sealed bids either in person or online which replaces the need for an auction building, the auctioneer, and huge staff. In most cases, one person, the auction manager, can handle the whole thing.

ONLINE BUYERS: The dealer lists cars on Auction Simplified, allowing our extensive list of wholesale buyers time to view the photos, condition report and bid online.

LOCAL BUYERS: The dealer holds an inspection day, usually from 10a-4p on a particular day of the week. The local buyers stop by, view the cars and place their bid using the Auction Simplified smartphone app.

Compelling Reasons to Run a Sealed Bid Auto Auction

Should You Run An Auction?

Can a car dealer run their own sealed bid auction?

This video introduces the 12 videos in the upcoming series about dealer held auto auctions. And the idea that franchise Dealers can finally take control of their wholesale again.

Dealer Owns the Auction

Killer feature of auction simplified, you own the auction

In this video, Auction Simplified's co-founder and COO takes you through the changes that can happen in your dealership when you take control of your wholesale department.

We Market Your Auction

Let Auction Simplified Market your Sealed Bid Auction for you

"Reason number one to consider using Auction Simplified as your bid sale platform is our marketing. There is nothing like it out there, in the market, that I'm aware of.""

Free Auction Website

4 Auto Auction Integration with Dealership VMS Inventory

We provide, free of charge to all of our auction dealer clients, a wholesale auction website. Usually we buy something along the line of business name+auction.com

Direct VMS Integration

3 World class VMS integration to your auction software.

With VMS integration is we connect to the inventory tools that you already have, such as vAuto, VIN Solutions, etc. and we pull over your wholesale inventory into Auction Simplified.

IOS and Android App

Smartphone App for your auto Auction

With our App we really focused on is getting the cars loaded into your auction lightning fast, So on average it takes four and a half minutes to load a car with photos and CR.

CarFax or Autocheck

Autocheck and Carfax integration with your auction

History report on every wholesale. Because most dealers have unlimited Carfax or AutoCheck, and it's nice to have that posted on every car like you do with your retail used car lot.

Simple Condition Report

World Class Vehicle Condition Report

We've rewritten the condition report rules completely, eliminating the need for mechanics or collision people to make the decisions. All from within the app. Easy.

Buyers App with VIN Scan

9 Auto Auction Cashiering and Title Tracking

The buyers can use the same smart phone app that you use to load cars, but they can use it to scan the vin and bid right at the car. Instantly updated in the cloud.

Bundling wholesale cars

10 Auction Notifications, Check Writing and Invoicing for Indie Auto Auctions

We have this bundling tool. It's a single page document that shows all the bids, who and what the high bids are, with an accept or reject button next to each one.

Casheering Made Simple

11 Broadcast Texting for Indie Auto Auction Marketing

Built into Auction Simplified is receipt management that we can automatically email the receipts to the winning bidders, with full reporting back to your managers and auction staff.

Title Management

12 HD Simulcast with Live Lane Walk Around

Built in to our software a title tracking system where you can log, if the lien releases is in, if the title is here, who owns the car etc.

Top 10 Reasons to Run Your Own Dealer Auction

1. Top Dollar For Wholesale Cars

Because of the way sealed bid auctions work, they usually earn 15-25% higher wholesale values than lane sale style auctions.

2. Eliminate Sellers Fees

A typical dealer who takes $50 car per month to the auction can save approximately $120,000 per year in auction sellers fees by holding a sealed bid auction at their dealership.

3. Grow Market Share

When you can put more in every trade than your competition, you can make more deals at the curb. Wholesale profitability is a secret ingredient in overall dealership performance.

4. More Bids Per Car = Higher Bids

With Auction Simplified, you are getting the benefit of online bidding along with local and old-school buyers. The combination of all three increased PVW and Sell Rate.

5. More Bids Per Car = Higher Sell Rate

Our average sell rate is 92% When you get ore higher quality bids and you can sell at a higher price than average.

6. Eliminate Transport Costs

When you own your bid sale auction, you don't have to move the cars that far, which can save thousands per month.

7. Less Travel for your Managers

When you hold an in-house auction, your used car managers can stay at the dealership, appraising trades, taking TO's and managing their inventory instead of sniffing fumes at the auction.

8. No Back Room Deals or Bribery

With Auction Simplified your bid sale is a true sealed bid (silent) sale, eliminating the chance of bad behavior, creating an even playing field for buyers and seller.

9. We Provide the Buyers

As part of our service, you automaticly get access to our gigantic wholesale buyers network. Then we add 100's more in your area.

10. You Own The Auction

You always get the best run numbers, you pay zero fees, you control the experience and above all make money on wholesale.

Why Dealers Have Cut Their Dependency
on 3rd Party Auctions and Run
Their Own Sealed Bid Auctions.

In a recent study we conducted before NADA, more than 18% of dealers had switched away from big box auctions in favor of holding their own sealed bid sale events both online and in person. Some cited the cost difference, but most simply said they make more money with their own bid sale auctions. No wonder the number has grown by 80% in the past three years.

Companies such as Auction Simplified, have made it easy for dealers to run their own sealed bid auction. With our new smart-phone app, you can create condition reports, manage titles, take photos and expose your wholesale cars to tens of thousands of existing buyers. Along with world-class training for the dealer staff and a strong focus on accountability. NOW is the time to take control and become your own auction

If your dealership could improve profitability by $200,000 this year, would you take a shot at this? Of Course. So why are dealers holding back? Some say lack of room and others claim that it's difficult. However, the profit potential is leaving dealer principles and CFO's scratching their heads wondering why they are waiting.

Getting Started is Easy

You provide some space and load some cars
We provide the buyers, marketing, training and knowhow.

About Auction Simplified

We Help Dealers Become Their Own Wholesale Online Auction
By eliminating the expenses of transporting cars and the high fees associated with selling cars at big box auctions, Auction Simplified has increased dealer profit and lowered the cost to wholesale cars.
We Help Towing Companies Run World Class Salvage Auctions Online and In-Person
We provide full integration with major towing software, so you don't have to load inventory a second time or do the accounting twice. We include a smart phone app that makes processing inventory simple and convenient.
We Help Independent Auctions and Dealers Holding Lane Sales
With an inexpensive yet amazingly robust software solution that includes HD-Simulcast, state of the art lane management along with bidders app.
We Help Dealers Already Running a Pen and Paper Bid Sale
Auction Simplified will enhance the existing pen and paper style by adding hundreds of online national buyers from their wholesale marketplace. Using the velocity approach to wholesale, cars are online in front of hundreds of buyer’s sooner and are sold faster.
We Help Reduce Dealers Expenses
It's absolutely free to selling dealers and towing companies. No seller fees or software fee. In most cases this alone will save dealers $250,000 per year
Helps Wholesale Buyers Save Money
Due to our tiny buyers fees and the reduction in costs for the participating dealers, prices are lower.
Our Software is Easy to Use with World Class Support:
Our Simplified software requires less of a learning curve so you will be up and running in moments, however, Auction Simplified is committed to providing ongoing training, proactive coaching and support to ensure dealers achieve results they never thought possible. Join the almost 8% of dealers who have their own private wholesale marketplace..

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